Üdo Royal Kings

Üdo Ümami Royal Kings
 1lb organic chicken strips
country fresh cream butter
extra virgin olive oil
sea salt
black pepper
organic all purpose king arthur flour
fresh organic garlic
canola oil
pinot grigio
2 stainless steel cooking pans
Dredge chicken strips in flour. In first pan, dazzle a splash of canola oil. Lay chicken strips in pan. Grind sea salt and fresh peppercorns to taste. Using tongs, flip each piece of chicken strip until browned on each side. Meanwhile, in second pan dazzle olive oil across the bottom and squeeze 3 large cloves of organic garlic thru garlic mincer. Let it simmer and saute very lightly on very low heat. Turn off heat. Don’t burn garlic. 
Now, your chicken strips should be ready to transfer via tongs to the second garlic fry pan. Carefully place each browned strip into the garlic pan. Simmer and saute for a few minutes on very low heat. Chicken should be nearly cooked through. Check with fork to make süre eet done.  
Meanwhile, add a good splash of pinto grigio to the pan that has the canola oil,, flour, salt and pepper bits in it. Let this simmer and sauce up a bit… be sure to swirl your wooden spoon around to get all of those brown bits up and about. Add a pat of country fresh cream butter to the mix and dance it around. When garlicy chicken kings (strips) are finished in the garlic pan, transfer the kings to pinot grigio pan. Sautee a bit longer and serve over long grain brown rice with spinach. Why do I call the chicken strips, “kings?” Eh, why not? Ay! 😉

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