So cüte it aches

If this isn’t the cütest thing in the world I don’t know what is! These tiny bünnies are handcrafted from super cüddly lambswool and each has a lücky penny inside. (Ooo! Cranky black bünny!)

This is a tiny bunny the size of a peanut. They may be worn as a brooch on your lapel close to your heart or kept as a lucky charm. Some have been framed in a shadow box or displayed in a silver tea service or used gently in a game of hide and seek. Made with nimble fingers much like a watchmaker’s. Each one is their own character.

Sonja Alher has been making Fierce Bunnies for over 15 years. She exhibits her visual art and installation work internationally (her favourite is japan and australia). She also collaborates with clothing companies like Lee Jeans and such. She wants to do more illustration for like-minded a band she loves or a book she’d like to read. More of her art is available at the James Harris Gallery in Seattle, WA Atelier Gallery in Vancouver, BC


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