Pain is fear leaving the body

In other news… this chinese symbol essentially sums up the week thus far… tis the symbol for pain. As in – a LOT of pain. A few thoughts on painful situations that help me push through. Repeat the following mantras:
  1. Endure.
  2. Pain is fear leaving the body.
  3. The universe is unfolding as it should.
  4. Courage is grace under pressure.
  5. To be courageous does not mean to be without fear. Rather it means to feel the fear and do it anyway.
Also too, it helps to rock out to 80s rock metal (HAR!) at the top of your lungs en route to your destination. Welcome to ze jungle beeches! Or if you prefer some lighter fare… I like to indulge in some poppin and lockin. Din daa daa anyone? F conformity and remember you are never alone- not with friends like Kelly, Turbo, and Ozone! And in all cases, you must believe me when I tell you… there’s NOTHING a dose of 1984 can’t cure. HILARIOUS..

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