Be kind for everyone is fighting a great battle…

They say time heals all wounds, and it’s true. It really does. But forgiveness is a much more involved issue than just putting time between us and the event or person who caused us pain. Forgiveness is freedom. For you, for them, for your joyful spirit. Never underestimate the importance of forgiveness. Even if you quietly pardon someone for their wrong doing- you will set yourself free from the burdens of resentment and hostility. We need to forgive. It is after all, Christmas. My challenge to you this week is this: when you see that person who wronged you, or ignored you, or really pushed your buttons- have a forgiving heart. More often than not, you are the one who has to make the first move! Does this suck? You bet it does. More than you know. Initially it will feel like defeat… but after you do it- you will know the truth. You will know it is the only way to freedom. It’s difficult and painful. It takes a lot of humility. But it is so worth it. Push yourself to become a better person. Be remarkable.

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