Things to do before Tuesday…

Things to do before Tuesday is my post regarding deadline things, doing things, due things… hence Tuesday is that day! Let’s see what’s on the list for the rest of the week(end). In no particular order a list of lah-te-dah…
  • Clean, clean, clean! I’ve invited myriad merrymakers over for a holiday tea and want our 1 bedroom palace to sparkle. Hübby and I are doing a top to bottom cleaning of living room, dining room, our offices, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and foyer.
  • Organize all “paperwork”
  • Dispose of useless junk
  • Donate clothing, books, games, magazines, etc.
  • Email Aunt Caren to ask about tours etc.,
  • Email cousin Mike to help with his resume
  • Lovingly dote on all living things (hubby, plants, flowers, Christmas tree, & rüby)
  • Enjoy some fresh air with a brisk walk around the lake and finish up the ends on my latest knitted scarf.
  • Try some new recipes
  • Color-code my closets
  • Laundry
  • Dust, vacuüm, and rearrange furniture
  • Write thank-you notes
  • Pay bills online
  • Organize my “desktop” and computer files (no, a folder titled “catch-all” is not acceptable)
  • Visit the sick and elderly
  • Hang out at the public library
  • Hydrate
  • Stretch
  • People watch
  • Start planning our Chinese New Year Party!
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Listen to a new music artist from a rarely listened to genre
  • Research information on PhD programs in my field
  • Take a bubble bath
  • Watch old movies, black and white movies, foreign films
  • Think of some resolutions
  • Light candles
  • Meditate on positive energy and the law of attraction
  • Draw a little
  • Paint a little
  • Write a little
  • Play chess
  • Make a mini movie in iMovie
  • Go to a movie
  • Learn how to play MahJong
  • Laugh until my sides split
  • Prepare for our 1 year anniversary! New Year’s Eve! ❤
  • Wish that I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair

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