New year. New you.

I had an acquaintance in college who would cut her hair very, very, short at the beginning of every new  year. At the time I thought this was bizarre. But she and her kooky mom were really into the whole cleanse thing at the start of a new year. New year. New you. Now, I’m not going to go clip my crowning glory (not after the lifetime it took to grow out this mop top – that day when I was 9 and was mistaken for a boy on the playground?! never again!!!) But I eventually did learn the benefits of cleansing and whole body cleanse systems. 

In recent days I’ve digested (or am still digesting) a delicious filet mingnon, créme bruleé, sweet potato gnocchi with brown butter sauce, champagne, wedding cake, drunken noodles, tadales, tadales. more tadales, kolachi, pierogi, lasagna, and about 7 different fishes swimming in my belly. As Grampa G. used to say, “Death begins in the colon.” Girl, I need to CLEANSE. New year. New you! Helmet hair not required. 
So there are several different types of cleansing but I’ll make this easy and break it into cleanse systems, and cleanse teas/drinks. A cleanse system is not as complex as it sounds but it does require a certain personality type and tenacity. 
The second best cleanse system that I have tried, and one that was super great for turbo-charging weight loss is the Zand Quick Cleanse. It mainly supports the digestive tract and the liver in detoxification until your body is able to efficiently self-cleanse. This particular cleanse does not require fasting and takes about a week to complete. The drawback? Pills, pills, more pills. (gag) Also too, it’s not enough to take the pills, but to remember to take them as well (something I’m not so good at doing). And, it’s best to stay away from all the standard anti-cleanse things like bread, pasta, meats, etc… and to consume a diet in fruits and veggies (raw or lightly steamed) and copious amounts of water. Not so easy or desirable to do this if you have to swallow pills too. Nevertheless, I was able to pull this one off several years ago and it worked like a charm. You just have to go in with the right mindset. I’ve also tried Colonix and Toxinout with much success. At any rate, here’s a list of the top 20 cleansers on the market if you are so inclined. 
Another to try are the cleansing teas. Take a day or two and drink tea. Drink water. Drink tea. Drink water. Drink tea. Drink water. Just keep drinking tea and water. Not just any tea, mind you. A cleansing tea. Try any of the cleansing teas from Traditional Medicinals. 
There is also of course the “Master Cleanse” click here for a free pdf download to read all about it. And lastly, the best cleanse that I’ve tried with much success is the blessedherbs cleanse. Click here to find out more. Me? I might try that Master Cleanse this year afterall. Or not. Ha! 
The best basic way to cleanse your system, to me, will always be the natural way- lots of fresh fruit and lightly steamed veggies. That’s it for food consumption. Combine that with a brisk 40 minute walk every day out doors in the crisp sunshine and the brilliant air- you’ll be well on your way to a new year and a new you! Now please excuse me, while I tie my sneaker and head out the door!

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