Tantrüm Trüffles!

These naughty little treats will quench your desire for lüsh chocolatey-ness. Ooo! I nearly threw a fit today for something decadent to dance on the tip of my tongue.

Sometimes you just need to throw a fit. Or have a fit. Though having a fit sounds more like you’re having a seizure- whereas throwing a fit sounds diva-like. Divas throw things. Dishes. Glasses. Fits.

So I threw a fit and had meself a good ol’ tantrum. Why? Eh, why not? The confectionery cüteness today consisted of these deliciously delightful homemade trüffle delights.

I made tantrum truffles. The recipe is based on Julia Child’s bourbon-saoked chocolate truffles (pg. 130 from her Menu Cookbooo). These babies are dredged in dark cocoa and covered in hazelnut.

Recipe is simple and sublime.

A very tiny bit (or so) of organic heavy cream (hehee) , unsalted organic butter, a teensy swif of dark Jamaican rum, a bit of strong coffee, and a few snips of ginger snaps folded (stirred, mixed, blended) into free-trade, (good for the earth and good for you!), organic, kosher chocolate. For chocolates I used several (about 3 large flat bars) different kinds of cocoa.

I mixed milk chocolate (35%) with dark (60% chocolate with espresso nibs) and premium 70% cocoa. These truffles contain natural flavanol antioxidants- the same kind found in wine, blueberries, and green tea!

Melt the chocs in the microwave until smooth (or use a double-boiler if you have the patience for it) fold in the teensy bit o’ cream with a wooden spoon. When finished lick spoon and toss it (yoss it) into warm soapy water. Cover the mixture and let sit in icebox for an hour or so.
When ready, use a teaspoon to scoop out some truffledge and begin to quickly form into small circles (balls is a bit crass, eh?) Work quickly. Roll the truffletytoos in any topping of choice.

Hard day at the office? Pair these little strumpets with a sip of Chianti or Pinot Noir and you’ve got it all down right. Mmmmm. Trüffle.

xoxox ❤ Üdo


4 responses to “Tantrüm Trüffles!

  1. i'll take 2 orders to go! (yoset)

  2. i'll take 2 orders to go! (yoset)

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