Ze trüffles are trampling away!

I took a jaünt to the craft store last night and discovered that Michael’s has a deliriously gigantic cake decorating department… Fün!!!!! I süppose it’s only a matter of time before my cake obsessions lead me down that path. Apparently they have weekly cake decorating classes…. In the meantime (what I went up there for originally), I found the most darling paper cupcake cups. I was looking for a miniature treat holder for these delightful truffles as Lord knows I’m not going to eat them all myself! Here I found lovely “homemade” stickers, curling ribbons in a rainbow assortment of colors, candy & treat boxes and tents with little windows to see the sweeties inside! While my türkey pot pie was baking away, I was curling and cutting and sticking and tucking all of those decadent little devils into their delivery devices. Güess I’ll be making the rounds tonight or tomorrow. Hope the moms and such like them! xoxo ❤>Üdo

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