Brüsh your teeth and get to bread…

It’s getting late, time for bed… so I sit and I wait for this butter and jam to go to my bread!


Mmmmm! Yum. Yum!
Alas, since we mowed down that first loaf of bread yesterday I decided to make another this evening. It came out quite lovely, don’t you think? This time the bread produced a nice english muffin toasting treat (as the recipe states it shall do). Yes, this’ll do for the week’s sandwiches. I had a slice this morning toasted with lashings of fresh cream butter and plump strawberry jam. A hot cup of tea, too! And don’t forget to whistle… Why? Because that’s what angels do. Off to dreamland with you then! xoxox – Üdo
And for all you Little Princess fans… yes it’s a tad melancholy , but a lovely scene nonetheless and you surely can’t hold a candle to that teeny, tiny tantrum! Too precious!!!

Because that’s what angels do: 2:52 – 4:22


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