A scarf in time saves nine!

Yes, it’s twue. A scarf in time, saves nine… Wish it could have saved Isadora Duncan… but alas, affectations can be dangerous! Well, I finally finished up the ends of my supah warm, supah looooong bridal scarf! And just in time for our Pocono snow. I call this one “The Bridal White” – I made it the same colors of my bridal gown (ecru and ivory). Tis a year late – still it’s quite lovely and long.  You should see the gams on this thing! I used a mixture of 4 distinct strands of acrylic and wool yarn with a simple garter knit. Excellent for bundling up in the cold and for keeping the necks of newlywed love birds cozy and warm! ::snuggle:: Each scarf is hand-knitted and imbued with kismet karma… every loop is woven with a peaceful, joy-filled wish; every strand imbued with purposefulness, kindness, laughter, and love. Oh and of course, they are supah long,  and in the words of French and Saunders… It’s my new blockbuster,  lucky stitches. ❤>Üdo 
Many ‘appy returns lüvs!

4 responses to “A scarf in time saves nine!

  1. I like your scarf and your blog. Good read!

  2. Danke Schøen. Likewise, I'm sure! ❤ Üdo

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