Stock, stocks, and stockings….

It’s well past midnight and I’m still cookin! Hübby and I did loads of wash tonight. Shirts, pants, socks and stockings. Lucky us, there was a snow storm and the roads were iced over… thus making us the only launderers at the laundry spot. It made for a comical adventure to be sure. Clothes cleaned and folded and now it’s time to cook! Right now, I’ve got the remnants of a rotisserie chicken swimming on the stove in a witchy brew of carrots, onions, celeries, garlics, parselies, bay leaves, salts- n- peps (and a little spinderella) – a splash of pinot grigio and I threw in a pear to boot. Here you see me swirling it up a bit and then pushing thru the bits of the inner pot to encourage the liquid through the strainer.  Oh yes, to make the stock, I commandeered the pasta pots. Genius. I know.  ::rolls eyes:: It was just too easy to lift out the inner (straining) pot full of the veggies and chicken bits- which left me with a gorgeous home made stock. I should git me arse to bed but alas, I’m actually over tired and therefore not able to drift off to la-la land jüst yet (much to the protests of my dearest I’m still connected to the internet). ::eep:: Well, tomorrow is another day! I shall update then with my stockety stockerton. Toodles! ❤> Üdo

Updated: Stock is ready to be frozen for future use. Off it goes into containers and is now nestled into the freezer. You know I do love being economical. It really gives you quite the feeling of smugness when you can put every last bit and bobbin to good use. I’m finding ways to use everything. The bananas that are turning are being turned into banana bread.  This way, you see, you take that extra dough you would have spent on wasted items or would have spent on items to replace the wasted and you invest it… in stocks. See. That’s how it’s done. ::taps her left temple:: “Scientific.”
In the meantime, tonight’s feast shall consist of linguine with lemon, garlic, thyme, and mushroom…. lüscious! But don’t strain your eyes listening to me blather on about it… 
Let Nigella show you… and eat with joy in your heart!

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