Always choose the bolder of the two…

Soooo… this weekend I did something “uncomfortable”. I agreed to participate in a conservatory acting class. I don’t know if most of you know or not, but I have a background as an actor in my previous life. I still keep up with acting here and there and continue to work in (independent) film and theatre on occasion.

At any rate, even though I have this background in acting- I still get some anxiety about performing in front of others… but mostly the anxiety comes when I am required to perform in a “class”. Why? Because it can be insanely uncomfortable. Even for a touchy-feely, crazy lady like me. In class, you combine all aspects of acting- voice, movement, and performance.

This means you have to get down on the floor and roll around and stretch and move and bend and touch people and you have to make weird noises, and make yourself completely vulnerable to a group of strangers and pretty much make an arse of yourself.

Anyway, for as much as I went kicking and screaming to this class yesterday- I’m so glad I did!!!!! Was I uncomfortable? YOU BET. But so was everyone else so that made me feel better. What I came to realize is that change… growth… personal development and professional development for that matter…. is PAINFUL. It sucks. It hurts. It’s uncomfortable. But it’s ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. I know now, that I would have been more disappointed with myself if I had chickened out. Isn’t it silly? My students at the üni are all impressed with my mad presentation skills… The young ladies I instruct have told me on more than one occasion how they wish to emulate yours truly regarding public speaking ünd vat not. They crack up laughing when I tell them I’m just as anxious and crazy inside as they are when it comes to presenting- you just have to learn to harness that energy and üse it for your purpose!

I’m proud of myself. And I hope you all continue to do things that are uncomfortable and nerve-wracking. Things that make you stretch and grow and develop and force you to evolve. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Creation is nasty. It’s explosive. It’s acidic. It’s caustic. Parts that aren’t used eventually fall away or are phased out of existence. So keep using your parts! Keep moving. Keep stretching. Keep challenging.

The more you do it- the easier it gets…. Remember- when faced with two decisions- always choose the bolder of the two. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it! ❤>Üdo xoxooxo

4 responses to “Always choose the bolder of the two…

  1. I hope things keep going your way, stay on the right path. xx

  2. Danke FashJenista. ❤ Üdo

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