Laughter too!

Hilarious! I just adore Kristin Wiig. She is the most bemüsing comedienne I have witnessed in quite some time. Here she does her Kathy Lee Gifford Today Show impression and it is SPOT ON!!! Laughter, like sleep- is vital to maintaining your Üdo Ümami… your vital spunk… your je ne sais pas! So the tasks this week are to SLEEP (quite a bit) and LAUGH (quite a bit more). Do those, and you’ll be well on your way to a great day, a charged-up week, and a month of renewal!

2 responses to “Laughter too!

  1. Ima definitely going to take your advice.. I need sleep.. lots of it.. and Ive been feeling extremely lethargic lately.. gaaah.thanks for the reminder, mademoiselle!xoV

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