Misogony… Still around or just a memory?

First- I need this woman’s wardrobe. Please goodness someone tell me where to find “Joan Holloway’s Wardrobe” online!!!

Next- here’s the actual blogpost:
Misogyny… is it still present in our daily business interactions? Or is this a pattern of behavior that has been mummified by television programs like MAD MEN? What is it about that show?

You know, I am appalled by this program and yet I can’t stop watching it. Perhaps it’s the haunting opening-credit theme music or maybe it’s Joan Halloway’s saran-wrapped wardrobe.

Maybe it’s the suffocating smog of cigarettes and booze swirling about during work hours or the story line of the mousey, perfectly coifed wife compelled to employ her neighbor’s living bird collection as target practice… a snarled, smoldering weed hanging out of her pristine mouth, loading a pistol and blasting those fowl to kingdom come.

Who knows. All I know is that I can’t stop watching. The hobo code. The oysters and stairwell. The patronizing gynecologist. Can you imagine?!

Oh women of yesteryear- what bumpy roads you paved for us.
Simply fascinating.
Misogyny and all…

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