Dinner Thyme!

Long John Üdo’s Chicken Strips
Defrosted some chicken breasts and tired of the same ol’ same thing. So I cut the breasts into strips and figüred out a cockamanie new way to make deliciousness!

  1. In one bowl flour up your strips and sprinkle with Goya Adobo seasoning.
  2. Dip the strips into skim milk.
  3. Then dip the strips into crushed corn flakes.
  4. Sautee the strips in a shallow pool of Wesson.
  5. Cover.
  6. Cook thru and flip with tongs until finished.
  7. Near the end, add a swirl of white wine and turn the heat up a bit to cook off the alki and leave the flavor. Drain on paper towels. Serve warm with side of cous cous and spinach.

OMG. To die for. So, so, goody!


4 responses to “Dinner Thyme!

  1. OhYUM…I made something very similar tonight…before seeing this. I used sliced almonds instead of cornflakes and thinly sliced turkey tenderloin instead of chicken!I like your style!Loved the story of NYC Joe.

  2. Thanks Linda! I'm so glad you liked the recipe and the story of Joe. He was such a cutie pie and it is such a rip that he won't be at the market any more. I'll have to try the almond loveliness you mentioned! Mmmm!!! ❤ Üdo

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