A Post-Valentine’s Breakfast…

A few Valentine’s gifts for my brilliant hübby carried over from last night into this morning’s festivities…. hehee… Check out the cüteness! Cute v-day mügs brimmed with steaming tea, a crisp red bowl (with hearts on the bottom!) filled with his favorite cereal, a porcelain heart shaped dish of his favorite fruits, a heart shaped ice cübe in his favorite OJ (check out the totally hip depression-era jade vintage Coke glass it’s in too!), a peachy crepe made from (almost) scratch (we had these on our honeymoon in St. Lücia at a french patisserie called Josephina’s it was just divine!), and an egg-white omelet made with sauteed onions and peppers served on glittered heart shaped plates. Ahhh! Fun or what? Last Valentine’s was spent at the Settler’s Inn but with the economy so icky and with our trip to Thailand on the horizon we decided to make our own little bed and breakfast experience at home. It was an absolute delight! Last night we had a piggie süshi fest at Blü Wasabi where we feasted on coconüt shrimp appetizer, miso soüps, a Black Dragon Roll, a Kyombie Roll, and an Autümn Roll… then we had Mochi for dessert and two Lychee Bellini’s (I also had a cosmojito while we waited). Madone. So, sooooo delicioüs. We are off to walk the lake! Who needs the gym when you can fill your lungs with fresh suburban air, get some vitamin D to brighten the skin, a long hike up a steep hill to develop our muscles, see the blues and greens and hear the birdies sing! XoXo ❤> Üdo

8 responses to “A Post-Valentine’s Breakfast…

  1. awww, this looks delicious! sounds like you have a great husband 🙂 x

  2. Oui Mademoiselle! J’ai un mari merveilleux et brillant! Danke Shoen Ms. Frankie!

  3. well, girl, you are far to creative! Heart ice cubes?? Wowza.Hey…gotta ask….where in the poconos (you can email me if ya don’t want to broadcast) Because we lived where the Catskills and poconos collide. Kinda. Sorta.Loved your comment…made me laugh out loud!!

  4. ps…adding you to my favorite blog list…’iffin ya don’t mind??

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