Happy Creatüres on my TV Tree…

Word of the Day for Wednesday, February 18, 2009

consternation \kon-ster-NEY-shuhn\, noun: sudden dread or paralyzing terror

With the economy so poor, there’s been talk of job loss in nearly every field. Much to my consternation, the division in which I work (within our department) has been put on high alert for possible reduction or complete elimination.

Now, what better way to combat those feelings of consternation than to laugh right in its face? What better way to poke fün at dread than to… well… let’s see… what would tick off dread? Ahh, I know! Make it cüte! That’s right- CÜTE. Give dread & doldrums ::the finger:: by putting a little bow in it’s hair.

Yeah! Go ahead and tie a pink ribbon around it’s toe. Put it on a swing and give it a püsh! Make a flower grow out of it’s head! Make it sing and dance on a withering tree branch!

And that’s exactly what I did. Introducing Blik Wall Graphics…wall art that you piece together. Some can be re-stuck… some can not (alas this one is not re-stickable so it’s up for the long haül). This is my personal favorite and most recent addition to our happy home…. The Happy Creatüres graphic by Threadless Designs.

This cürious little creation is one in which to lose yourself. I can sit and marvel at this cranky and cute masterpiece for hours pretending that I’m a part of it (can you guess which creatüre I am?) marveling at my ability to make it my own which was no easy task to construct mind you, despite the simple instructions. Each piece of the graphic must be separately cut from the roll it comes on and coaxed off the sheeting and onto your wall in a pattern that you choose. That’s the best part- it’s up to you to tweak it to your specifications.

So here I conquered two crabs with one apple… 1). amüse myself while coping with consternation… and 2). turn TV into art.

Why turn TV into art? You know there’s something about a television that really irks me. I mean really, what was I to do with this gaping black plate plopped in front of the pristine white canvas of our wall? We’ve gone without a telly for the last two years and now we finally have a real beauty! But when it is inanimate it sits there…. knowing…seeing… gawking…. like an ebony eyeball in the middle of the room. Aye…. like ze eye of Mordor. Nevermind the fact that the Playstation has turned me into “he who is known as Smeagol”…. mmmmmyyyyy precccciouuusssssss…. but I digress…

So what to do to remedy the dark one?

In a previous post I talked about creating a “cozy” for your TV…. but after pondering upon the matter, I finally decided to work with the darkness rather than against it… This Blik wall graphic is a fairly quirky and endearing alternative to covering up ze television with a granny quilt, eh? Cozy up to this… emo.

Kind of reminds me of a nightmare before Christmas…


6 responses to “Happy Creatüres on my TV Tree…

  1. Hey!!!! Thank you so much for the comment!! Love this blog….ugh. 😀

  2. Awww! 🙂 Thanks for the love and the blog ugh! Xoxoxo ❤ Üdo

  3. Hey, that sure puts my little tiny hello. sticker on my front door to shame!I see how you could get lost in that!Hang in there. Here’s hoping your job sticks. I am in the same boat!!

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