Lose an hour, gain… A LOT!

Just in case you forgot… it’s here. It’s time. It’s super dynamic daylight savings time! You know that little phrase Spring forward Fall back; well, at 2am this evening (tomorrow morning- I know) your atomic clock will jump ahead an hour which means we’re losing an hour of that all too precious commodity – sleep.  

So what’s the trade off? Well for starters we are losing an hour of sleep but gaining an hour of daylight. Yes!!!! Summer is on it’s way baby! More daylight means more people will be driving home while it’s still light out which means LESS accidents. More daylight means more visibility which means LESS crime will be taking place. More daylight means more time to go for a neighborhood jog which means LESS calories will be stored as fat on your body. More daylight means LESS use of electricity, which means LESS bad stuff is happening to the earth (ok don’t get me started on how more daylight might actually mean more driving which means more less good things are happening to the earth) Let’s try to stay positive shall we? ::wink wink::  

Sacrifice and Gain Daylight savings time. What a wonderful time to reflect upon sacrifice and gain. How easy it is to focus on what we are losing. How easy it is to blame the loss of an hour for missed meetings, missed calls, missed appointments… missed opportunities. But you and I both know leaders don’t take the easy way out. Leaders lead. Leaders take one for the team. Leaders suck it up. Leaders adapt.  

Adapt, Adopt, Adhere Whether it’s sacrificing an hour of your sleep to gain a few more hours of sunshine or sacrificing 500 calories a day to gain a leaner physique – we must adapt. Adapt to your circumstances. To be successful we must also adopt. Adopt a positive attitude of gratitude. Have you ever heard that saying, “I’m too blessed to be stressed,” well, it’s true. When you count your blessings instead of your stressors something physiological happens in your body. A shift occurs that will push you forward. It’s hard to stay positive when you feel oppressed by fate, debt, weight, chance, pressure, etc. but adopting an attitude of gratitude works. People don’t heal themselves of cancer by thinking about how much their life sucks. They adopt a positive attitude. They can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought. They adhere to a game plan. When you start to think of how much you are missing that hour of sleep in the coming weeks, remember to adapt, adopt, and adhere. Whether it’s monthly budget you need to stick to, tracking your calories in a journal, or writing down your leadership goals for the coming months- adhere to your plan. Adapt to your circumstances. Adopt a positive attitude.  

Lose an hour and gain…. A LOT It’s easy to see how losing an hour of sleep is a hassle and a pain in the neck. But losing an hour of sleep means you gain more time to spend awake with the ones you love. It means you gain more time to play, to dream, to create, and to work on your goals. It means you gain more productive time in the day to live, to learn, to lead. Lead in that extra hour of daylight you are gaining… as my hardworking Grampa G. used to say, “You can sleep when you’re dead.”

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