Work from home, eh?

Want to work from home? How about work from the beach! Yo, I can dig it. Not every day but maybe 2 days a week I can dig the telecommute. I’m a people person, so while the thrill of working in my pjs with a cranky cat as my co-pilot on spaceship Macintosh does sound enticing- I know I’d soon tire of playing Street Fighter 4 on my lunch break or running off to hot yoga between phone calls and emails. How do I know? Because I have! Hehehe… In my past positions as a Technical Trainer and ISD (instructional designer) I’ve had the luxury of working from home before it became the “in” thing to do. In my current position I get the same luxury when it’s warranted (which comes in handy when you’re feeling under the weather and don’t necessarily want to take a sick day but don’t necessarily want to go in an spread the germ-love while you get your work done).

Now “with the economy so bad” working from home sounds like an ideal way to supplement your income without tearing up that extra part-time paycheck for gas money. Mostly to work from home you need a skill set. Whether it’s writing, crafting, editing, or marketing – these skill sets are transferable to the online community in a way that makes transitioning your google surfing, to a steady income, seamless. I know, I know… there’s Google AdSense and all that jazz for your blogs… but really!? Who really clicks those links? I know I don’t. I avoid them like the plague. I do so much to avoiding the advert-click that I would rather directly visit then click on the ad on MSNBC’s website. Why? Maybe I’m just a pisser. Or maybe I just don’t feel like it. The point is- Ads are great… but they don’t always work. So if you want to actually work and make a few extra bucks this summer- let’s explore some ways to do that using the skills you have as a writer et al, (and I bet you didn’t think you had it in you)!

For those of you out there still entertaining the idea of working from home- I’ve put together a short list of WFH opportunities. Most of these links actually link to a million other places with more job listings there. If you think of any others to add to the list- stick them in a comment and I’ll update it here with your name as contributor. Happy hunting!
The Write Job
Virtual Vocations
Artists Resource
Essay Writers
Writing World

4 responses to “Work from home, eh?

  1. I work from home…for the most part. Lotsa perks…you need lotsa organization though, too.sigh.

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