The play’s the thing…

Dear Liar, 

I saw your show today. It was fabulous and that’s no lie! If you are local to the NEPA region- I strongly suggest heading out to grab a seat at the remaining shows of the Electric Theatre Company’s latest performance of “Dear Liar” starring Mary Ethel Schmidt and David Zarko directed by James Langan. Passing along my internet pouboires…

I must let you all know what a positively delightful performance it was. David and MaryEthel were both such a pleasure to watch. So fun! On the way home, I realized that I have never seen either one of them act before and I have to tell y’all I am blown away by the natural talent they both possess. They brought such lovely authenticity to their characters. 
What an intelligent, comical charmer George Bernard Shaw was. We laughed and cried. The scene about his mother’s coffin at cremation was very moving, heartfelt, and triumphant. Not to mention that the comedic timing was spot on even down to his little “hrumphs”. 
Mary Ethel was fabulous as well and a joy to watch. You can tell she  had so much fun with such a great role and she looked just beautiful. Her range of emotions was exciting and selfless. I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to see them both in action. 
The audience was enthralled. The two of them held our attention like kinetic magicians… it’s a talky piece where very little movement was used; yet we rose like kites and fell like hammers with a mere mixing of words and quick stir of emotions. 
Just like that. 
Just brilliant. 
Jim Langan did a great job directing (the blocking was spot on and if he had a hand in the lighting direction- it really set the mood and tone of the piece and the simple set was very appropriate) and I can tell Ms. Page Clements had her hand in the awesomeness that was the voice of the show (I thought it was especially fun when ME’s character’s voice (as it was written) had to reach the back of the theatre for GBS – that’s so Page!) the “aha” moment from ME was hilarious. 
If you get a chance to see the show- please do! What better place to celebrate theatre than in the heart of Scranton (if you can make it there you can make it anywhere)!
xoxoxo ❤> Üdo

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