Lilly McElroy…

Ever hear of Lilly McElroy? I looooove Lilly. Love. Love. LOVE. Her. Why? Because she rocks.

:: blows kisses to Lilly::

Lilly is hüman ümami. She’s tender and tough. She’s cute, quirky. She kicks arse. She’s authentic. She’s a performance artist with humility, grace, courage, and fortitude.

She creates and shares with us hilarious, heart breaking and thought provoking pieces on human behavioür. Read her intro on her site’s home page to get a better understanding of her take on things… it’s all about connecting and making connections. Then check out the photos of her literally throwing herself at men, sleeping on a crowded city street, taking and giving uncountable pünches in “one for one”, watch her randomly give”hugs” to strangers and keep passersby out of “the Square” or watch her secrets unfold in”two anecdotes”.




Completely fab.
Check her out.

xoxoxox ❤>Üdo


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