Cotton, Cotton… Everywhere!

What to wear when visiting Thailand? Lots of cotton- that’s what! Stop by Target and stock up on their fabulously inexpensive ($8!!) “ultimate tee” and their new pocket boyfriend tee. (Pictured left) They come in every color under the sun!

These tee shirts are long and lean and form fitting and maintain their shape after washing and drying. Best- they are all cotton and you can really dress them up or down. Added bonus- they keep your shoulders covered and the v-neck is not too low so they are totally appropriate for visiting Thailand’s Buddhist temples. While you’re there- pick up a white and khaki chino skirt (fits like a pencil skirt) and you’re all set! Tuck the tshirt in with a cute woven belt to match your sandals or leave the tshirt out over the skirt for a more elongated look.
Penny’s also has an affordable high-waisted skirt that looks perfectly polished with a simple t-shirt and sandals. Check out Worthington’s newest skirt collection; high-waisted and belted it looks just fabulous on the curvy gal!
These clothes are so versatile and inexpensive and lightweight- perfect for travel. Get one in every color because the shape and fit is flattering on every figure! Throw on some costume jewelry (perfect for travel if it’s lost, stolen, or breaks), a sun hat, and a pair of sunglasses with a pashmina scarf and you’re a jet setter setting the trends in another country. Bon Voyage!

2 responses to “Cotton, Cotton… Everywhere!

  1. Are ya' travelling to thailand soon? Should we be jealous? They are great, however….and what is not to love about cotton?

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