The King’s Summer Palace…

Enjoy a few pictures from our recent trek to Phuket, Bangkok, and HuaHin. Here we are at the King’s Summer Palace. Note the Greek-inspired statues (and other European influences)… and what the? Is that statue wearing green sneakers? hehe… Enjoy.
Fishing port on the pond…
Psst… wanna buy a watch?
Please don’t feed the landscaping…

Hop bunnies! Hop!
Views from the watchtower…

Yellow bamboo tree…
The King’s watchtower…



10 responses to “The King’s Summer Palace…

  1. Ok, Girly girl…where in the world are ya?? I'm guessing indonesia…??I'm checking your other posts to see. Looks glorius wherever it is…And I'm pretty sure it is not New Jersey…just guessin'.

  2. Thailand…of course! Enjoy every second of it…(Like I need to even tell you that)

  3. Ahah! LINDDDAAAAA!!! Weeeeeee! Suppose I should pop in a few captions on those photos, eh? Oh if only I had the patience… 😉 You're so good! Love you and happy to be back! xoxox ❤ Üdo

  4. these are the most glorious pics I have seen from this magnificent country Thailand. Such incredible beauty. You captured the moment so well. I am in awe…what a talented photographer you are girl!! Thank you for sharing all of these superb photos. wowwww!! Your gal pal– Mary Dee 🙂

  5. you are amazing. i love these photos. you have truly captured the moment in this awesome magnificent country with an incredible past and history!! wowwwwwww. your gal pal..mary dee

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