Super Dynamic Cooking Tyme!

Hallelujah the jet lag has lifted, the photos have been developed, and we’ve spring cleaned the bejabbers out of the apartment. Now it’s back to work… or play… depending on how you look at it, eh?

So many projects soooo little time. Now I’ve never been one to come up short for an idea- I’ve got plenty of those mind you… I tell you it’s the doing of the ideas that boggles me. Ever feel like there’s so much to do?!

There’s so many great crafts to learn, (first on my list: cake decorating) dance lessons to take, yoga classes to sweat, countries to visit, and experiences to well… experience! It’s no wonder we only have 24 hours in a day. “It just ain’t fair!”

I’ve got stuff to do! Lots of it too! So here’s an update on the recent stuff…

First, ze cookbook. It’s a work in progress and a labour of love, but suffice it to say… it’s on the way! Between filming high-def food segments and editing together our latest documentary short I’m still working at pushing together the final pages of my newest baby- the latest Üdo Ümami cookbook. It’s, errr… in the oven so to speak… (har) stay tuned for updates and the final reveal in the coming weeks- just in time for holiday cook cook.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, you can find more Üdo here, as I celebrate online with other entrepreneuring dynamic divas! And might I say, what a great way to share your wisdom and promote your biznasses ladies… so hop on it! Submit to Diva ToolBox today!

In the meantime, Üdo HD should be uploaded by the end of 09 and forthcoming posts will be highlighting our newly rennovated itsy-bitsy etsy shop set to “debut” November 2009 where you can once again find something cozy, bubbly, and lovely to suit your whimsy…


::snuggles in with warm tea as the leaves begin to turn::

I anticipate a rather frolicky fall for all! FÜN!!!

xoxoxo ❤>Üdo


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