Earth Box for Everyone!

Ever hear of this thing called the “EarthBox” ? Check this out! If you live in an apartment or in a small home without a lot of garden or yard space- this puppy will get your green-thumb hitching a ride to Scranton, PA where you can pick up one of these amazing gardening contraptions! It’s so easy to use even a 5th grader could grow prize-sized tomatoes and other delectables!

Read more here on their site and no- you don’t have to come all the way to Scranton to see me, the EarthBox, or Michael Scott… just hop on over to the earth box website where you can watch instructional videos (if you are more inclined to be a visual learner) and/or order your own today! Sweet!

For the fans of not paving paradise and putting up parking lots…

4 responses to “Earth Box for Everyone!

  1. i really like this site.

  2. earth boxes are coolo.

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