Need a lift?

Need a lift? How about a mood lift? Psst… here’s a little secret… this essential oil is my saving grace. And by saving grace I mean it’s my aromatherapy alternative to losing my mind on a daily basis. (snarf). Have a little anxiety? Or a lot? Have a topsy turvy tummy due to nerves? Chill out with this mood leveling combination of petigrain, rose, basil, and pepper. Recite the mood lifting affirmation as inscribed on the bottle:

“As I breathe in petigrain, rose, basil, and pepper, I am reminded that I can choose to be joyful at any moment and radiate positive energy…”

  • Petitgrain Essential Oils: Lifts the spirit
  • Rose Essential Oils: Reduces grief and sadness
  • Chamomile Essential Oils: Stabilizes mood
  • Basil Essential Oils: Clears mental fatigue
  • Black Pepper Essential Oils: Resolves anger and worry

Stop by Earth Solutions and pick up a bottle (or two) today… it’ll be one less thing to worry about! Xoxoxoxoxo ❤>Üdo

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