Tinky Tinkerbell!

What a tinker! And by tinker I mean (s)tinker. In my little world – ‘tinky’ is what something becomes when left to ripen a bit past it’s prime. It’s not offensive enough to be stinky… but it’s definitely not a bed of roses… in other words- it’s tinky. Puppy paws lightly scented with that heavenly puppy-paw popcorn aroma are tinky. Teeny tiny baby toes that have been in teeny white socks all day are tinky. So there you have it- tinky.

Unfortunately, we, being neither baby nor puppy have the tendency to become stinky… as in the ol’ “european cologne” – a little less Brad Pitt, a little more armpit.
With all the hype on how ca-ca it is to use those aluminum based deodorants (which can contribute to breast cancer, blocked lymph nodes, and Alzheimers) a girl is hard pressed to find a boob friendly b.o. blocker.
Well no longer! Introdücing my greatest and latest find: Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting Care all natural, aluminum-free, not tested on animals Odor Protection. Whew.
This stuff is grand. I love it. I just picked some up yesterday at the drugstore and I can’t be more thrilled with this little find.
Why? Well for starters – it’s a deodorant and not an anti-perspirant so that means it’s good for your lymph system. Secondly, it’s not tested on animals (another boon for the earth and for karma’s sake). Also, it’s unscented. Which is fab by me. I can’t stand it when you get a deodorant or anti-perspirant that ends up smelling worse as it mixes with your body chemistry and instead of masking your natural body scent, it mingles to create some disastrous monster stench – a hybrid of rotten flowers, armpit, and acrid men’s cologne. Yück.
Hallelujah! Not this stuff! Unscented really is unscented. You’re left feeling fresh and clean and soft. Your underarms are soothed and smoothed with a delicate natural hint of lemoney chamomile. Amazingly, this formula contains hops, “to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria and zinc for long-lasting odor protection.”
Best of all I don’t have to worry that some corporate, cancer-causing aluminum based anti-perspirant is causing damage to my immune system or saturating my limbic lanterns with enough aluminum to make my brain go batty. Awesome. It works. It lasted all day at the office and into the evening at the gym. Reptile and amphibian approved.
(and 3 cheers for Tom’s of Maine!)
xoxoxo ❤>Üdo
Yeah sometimes love stinks… but at least you don’t have to!

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