Bübble Stick Soap and Bübble Shoppe

It’s almost here! Ze Bübble Stick Soap ünd Bübble Shoppe brought to you by Üdo Ümami! What’s that? Yoü fancy a bübbly bübble or two? You seek a slippery südsmuffin to sink your feets into? Enlarge, Enliven, ünd Enlighten your senses vit Bübble Stick… Ze Soap ünd Bübble Shoppe! Stay tuned for developments in the goat’s milk and glycerin arena… coming to a lather near you… November 2009!

In the meantime, treat your feets to this lovely lavendar scented bar of good energy!

This bubble bar is handmade from glycerin soap and goat’s milk with essential oil of lavender and strawberry bits (or oatmeal) for gentle exfoliation. Additional bars in a tea tree oil version – it’s healing oil is perfect for soothing any bumps or scrapes you may have gotten from playing outside all day…

Each and every Bübble Stick bar contains a hand drawn stick figüre cartoon! (Hence ze name – you gets ze bübbles und ze sticks)


Visit the shoppe today. This order contains (3) bars of Bübble Stick Soap with hand drawn stick figüre cartoons. Scents include: (1) lavendar bar with oatmeal for calming and exfoliating those frazzled vibes away, (1) tea tree oil bar with strawberry seeds for exfoliating and healing those bruised egos and boo boos, (1) surprise essential oil bar *without* strawberry seeds for… tropical warmth and surprising!

xoxoxXO ❤ Üdo

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