Jülia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon…

Or as American say: Julia Child’s Beef BourginonServed atop Yukon Gold smashed potatoes and surrounded by sauteed spinach!

So delicious indeed. Bouef Bourgignon…Oh so very good!
Start off with your bacon larders (which have already been simmered in a quart or so of water then lightly browned and set aside (below) Next you brown the beef that’s been patted dry by hand ahead of time. (above)
Then you remove the beef with a slotted spoon and set on the side with the bacon…

Continue to brown your your stew beef (remember you must pat each piece dry first so it will brown properly)…

Toss the bacon and beef with flour, salt, pepper… then get started on your mushrooms and baby vidalias (below) separate recipe included in the link below for braising these…

You can find the baby vidalias in the frozen food section (Bird’s Eye) you want the plain frozen ones not the ones that are frozen in cream sauce…

Here you see (above) the Pinot Noir is added to the vidalia’s along with bay leaf, thyme, fresh parsley… you should probably make a little pouch of cheesecloth for the herbs…

Meanwhile 1 carrot and 1 full onion are sauteed in the bacon fat and olive oil… drain. You will add these to the bouef and bacon below… the vidalias and the button mushrooms are saved on the side to be served with the finished dish. Do not include the vidalias and button mushrooms with the combined ingredients in the bouef/bacon mixture.

Gently combine the carrot, the onion, the bouef & bacon, and toss with a bit of flour, salt, pepper… brown uncovered for 4 minutes to crisp up the beef. Stir. Brown again uncovered for 4 minutes…. (it makes more sense when you read the recipe below)

Take it out of oven and add the wine and the herbs…

Transfer this from your cooking pot to your corning ware dutch oven. Now, if you are lucky enough to have a cast iron dutch oven, use it. I don’t have one (yet) but if anyone would like to purchase that Martha Stewart blue one for me for Christmas I would be thrilled ::hint hint:: and the particular model of corning ware that I own, unfortunately, can not be used on the stove top so I just transferred everything from my cooking pot to the corning ware dutch oven when it was time to go into the oven…

And away it goes for a few hours… your finished mushrooms and onions (which you have prepared separately) are below… Keep these on the side until you are ready to serve your dish. When ready, you serve these on top of the bouef.

The finished onions (above) and mushrooms (below)…

And the loveliness when it was all complete!

Just heavenly. If you love to eat, this dish is for you! Succulent, decadent, and simply delightful on a crisp fall evening or even as a prize dish around the holidays. Do not deny yourself this culinary experience. It is one worth repeating!

Or in francais if you please…bare with me… my french so/so (not so good, but I try!)

Juste divinement. Si vous aimez manger, ce plat est pour vous ! Succulent, décadent, et simplement délicieux une soirée croquante de chute ou même comme plat professionnel autour des vacances. Ne vous refusez pas cette expérience culinaire. Elle est une intéressant la répétition !

Oui, oui, we went to see Julie & Julia this week… Naturally, I (along with 85% of the cooks in the audience) ran out this weekend and purchased the ingredients to make Julia Childs’ Bouef Bourgignon… hehe… Bravo to Julia and her signature dish! Want to try your hand at it? You won’t regret making this lovely french classic!

Here is a great *** link *** to a free PDF file of Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourgignon right out of her Mastering French Cooking cookbook…


XoxOXoOX ❤>Udo

Check out this mademoiselle I found cooking up a storm!


4 responses to “Jülia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon…

  1. this is the most exciting dance my mouth has had this month!!yeah! heavenly blend of the most delectable flavors…mmmmmm…thank you so much for making this and sharing it with all of us…your faithful groupies!! 🙂 blackbeltbettytheninja eeeeaaaa!!

  2. Yum…yum…and oh. Yumm!Love beef bourginon…need to wait until our winter though…when the thermometer dips to a crazy 72 degrees.Sigh.What? I'm Hot…okay?!

  3. Betty you are a hoot! Thanks for reading and sharing! xoxox ❤ Üdo

  4. Lindaaaa… hehehe… yes HEAT!! Loving it- FINALLY!!!! It's been a cold wet summer up here in the NE… somewhere up here there's a snowflake with your tropical name written on it – we'll send it your way come November! XoOXxoX ❤ Üdo

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