Honey French Toast with Honey Bütter

This weekend I made honey french toast with lashings of honey bütter… I came across this video from video mojo whilst researching the recipe for the best french toast ever. It was indeed delicious. The bread becomes a bit wet, however, but it works out in the end since there is no syrup used, just honey butter as the topping… (with a dusting of powdered sugar and a side of crisp bacon) terribly fattening and terribly delicioüs! We enjoyed it very much.


XoxoOxoX ❤> Üdo
Recipe for honey french toast from watchmojo.com (on youtube)


8 responses to “Honey French Toast with Honey Bütter

  1. Oh My!Are you kidding.I just ate lasagna…..and I want some.Sigh.

  2. AHAhhaha! So fünny and fun! XoOXo ❤ Üdo

  3. Really, the title alone is scrumptious. Just saw the thumbnail in a blogroll and found it tempting, and it is past 3 in the afternoon in office..Greetings from Pakistan.

  4. Wow! Hi Shana! Thank you for stopping by (all the way from Pakistan!) and for your lovely words! Hope to see you again soon. Oxo ❤ Üdo

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