The Circle of Life…

What a whirlwind of a week it’s been. Has it been a week or two? It’s been about a week or two I think… well… to start the week, our families lost a dear, dear friend, our loving grandfather (my husband’s Grandpa McG). We were so very fortunate to have been able to spend some time with him these last few weeks. What a brave and kind man. Grandpa McG was a brilliant conversationalist who enjoyed American and World history. He sired seven beautiful children into this world and they in turn produced 10 amazing grandkids.

I was very blessed to have met and married his eldest grandchild, my husband Patrick; who in turn was raised by grandpa’s eldest daughter (and can I just say what a fine job she did in raising the most amazing man in the universe!!!) I am forever grateful to my special friend and second mom, not only for the gift of a lifetime in her son, but also for the years of blood, sweat, and tears, the years of boo boos, and playtime, and reading stories, the years of rebellion and crushes, and college, the years of creating a man who became an admirable husband and… are you ready for this? The father of our soon to be born child! Now that I am about to become a mom myself, it really has become so much more apparent how much our own mothers have done for us.

The circle of life…
My father had mentioned the timing of grandpa’s passing and the baby’s arrival was not a coincidence; and that maybe, perhaps, grandpa and baby high-fived on the way by… I love that image. I so wish that Grandpa McG had known that he was not only a great grandpa… but was also a… great-grandpa. But I like to think he knows now. Yes, he knows.

I have always felt that “The Universe is unfolding as it should….” which is to say try not to worry about or pray for what is or isn’t to come your way but do pray for the grace to accept what does. Hence our standard reply to curious do-gooders on the question of kids: “If it happens great! If it doesn’t, that’s cool too.” I think that attitude has served us very well through good times and through uncertain times. As a wise friend told us, things always have a way of working out for the best.

So… where do babies come from… Thailand?
No. Infact, we had actually discussed starting a family much earlier this year, but decided to hold off trying until late this summer once we found out the trip to Thailand was a go. So no, Virgina, babies do not come from Thailand, but something magical did happen on that trip. It was something in the saffron scented air, or the softly singing shores of Hua Hin that lulled us into the dreamy bliss of marriage and family. We couldn’t have asked for finer hosts than our aunts and cousins and their families. Every need was attended to, every comfort accounted for. And somewhere within the chats, the laughter, the road trips, the exhaustion, the stories, the frustrations, the sun, the love, the great food, the sand… something happened… something that called to my husband and I on a spiritual and emotional level… reaffirming to us the calling to start a family of our very own.

Sure enough a few weeks later, holy smokes – we’re expecting!!! Just like that. I didn’t think it would be that easy or happen that quickly. But it did! Who knew?! And how miraculous! We never thought this would happen to us. Not because we had any reason to think that it wouldn’t… it’s just with regards to natural family planning we never went out of our way to try to have a family… and wow! I mean you just think this is something that happens to other people! And here it is happening to us! Unreal! Our lives will be forever changed! Wait a second, our lives are forever changed! We now have our very own little friend on the way! Half me, half hubby and all awesome!

And so the next generation has begun… I sit here looking at the old photographs of our grandparents who have gone on before us, pictues of my Grandpa and Grandma P., my Grandpa G, and hubby’s Grandpa McG and Grandma McG (whom I sadly never got to meet)… but I wonder – how proud they must all be… and how affirming to know they are watching over us all. Wow. So exciting! So here we are, stay tuned for updates on all things maternal, poppa, and bebe related… this blog is going to get real interesting real soon!


XOxoOXox ❤>Ze Üdos

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