A Pocketbook Full of Posies!

This pretty little ditty is from Ivory Ink Calligraphy!

One of my favorite things in the world (besides my husband, little animals, tiny babies, and tiny little baby animals, down comforters, hugs, hot tea, and filet mignon) is Etsy – where you can buy all things handmade! Etsy is also a wonderful find for female (and male) entrepreneurs and artists! If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page you will see a gallery of my favorites things on Etsy. My favorite artist Vusova, my favorite soaps and candles from Breath of French Air, and some favorite photos and paperwork from Pocketbook Full of Posies, Ivory Ink Calligraphy, and Royal Buffet!!

I especially want to take a moment to introduce you to a good friend and coworker of mine- the resident artist at Ivory Ink Calligraphy. She also owns and operates Pocketbook Full of Posies.

If you have a special upcoming event and want to add a whimsical, elegant touch – you can commission Ivory Ink Calligraphy to do your invites. Reasonably priced and simply gorgeous paper perfection! Every item is meticulously hand-crafted by a super jazzy Gemini who has a background in marketing and studio art. Check out Ivory Ink and Pocketbook Full of Posies today!

XoxoOX ❤>Udo

… should you fancy a sip of tea with a tasty snack or two… stop by Udo Umami … and opening November 2009 – my Bubble Stick Soap and Bubble Shoppe!


4 responses to “A Pocketbook Full of Posies!

  1. pretty papery stuff there! like the tiffany blue.

  2. I really like Royal Buffet. Will have to check out Ivory Ink. Thanks for sharing!

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