Better than syrup? Oh yeah…

Out of syrup but you already made the waffles? Grab some fresh fruit and powdered sugar to top off your baked building of batter. Or make a honey sauce with a little melted butter and honey mixed together and drizzled on each waffle. Still need some sweet? Take some left over cake icing (had some strawberry handy here) nuke it and drip it onto your tower of waffley goodness. Still want some sauce? Ice cream never fails. Yum!

XoXoXo ❤>Udo

4 responses to “Better than syrup? Oh yeah…

  1. Honey sauce. HONEY SAUCE??? That sounds beyond delicious!!!!!!! Thanks for this.

  2. Hey Freshyness, ya! Tastes good! I'm going to come visit your blog and give you a link to something Goopey! XOxOOx ❤ Udo

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