Udo’s Bangers and Ravs

Fall fun continues! We took a nice long drive today in search of a new home and on the way stopped at the most delightful pizza place. To say the pizza was a VICTORY is an understatement. Oh goodness… nobody does pizza like NEPA that’s for sure! Dinner time is near and what to make with what we have on hand? Whipped up some sausages and ravioli with a glass of pinot grigio… can’t beat that!

Udo’s Bangers and Ravs

  • 1lb of sweet italian sausuage
  • 1 bag of frozen chopped onions and green peppers
  • 1 bag of frozen ravioli
  • garlic
  • olive oil
  • all spice
  • sweet sea salt
  • freshly ground black pepper
  • white wine
  • country fresh cream butter

Sautee the onions and peppers in the olive oil. Meanwhile boil the salted water for the ravs. In a separate pan cook up the sausage as you like (whole, cut up, shredded) and while it is cooking in its own olive oil add some all spice and dried tarragon to season the sausage. The all spice is quite lovely and really adds a hint of autumn to the sausage. Tarragon is a must IMHO when cooking sausage… it really brings out the umami. Add the cooked ravs, and the onions and peppers and garlic to the pan with the sausages. Add a drop or two of white wine to bring it all together and shred some pecorrino on top if you desire.


Xoxoxo ❤>Udo

And an homage to Bang Bang (bangers) from Brothers Bloom

10 responses to “Udo’s Bangers and Ravs

  1. this sounds awesome yummmmmmm

  2. this is awesome stuff!! delectable and so refreshing. the tarragon and allspice really do it!!

  3. Thanks! I'm so pleased that you liked it! XOxo ❤ Udo

  4. Ok…I'm sold. I needed ideas for tonight anyway…Thanks chef Udo!

  5. i love these new raviolis !!and if you like butternut squash ..in a dessert !!: come and visit my blog !! see you

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