So Many Posts!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!! Weeeee!!! Oh how I’ve missed you all!!!! Hrmph. I’ve made so many delicious fun treats these past few weeks and I haven’t been able to post about a single one of them because my Sony Cybershot took a tumble with my water bottle in my LV a few weeks ago (funny story- not really) BAH!!!!

Now y’all know I don’t like to post anything without pretty pictures and lord knows that last post I did on the Pieroghi Casserole was bad enough (took that picture with my cell phone). I’m hoping to hit a holiday sale over the next week or two, grab a new Cybershot and get back on the Udo Bandwagon!

Here’s what we’ve missed lately from Chateau Udo:
  • pulled pork sandwiches on pretzel bread with homemade coleslaw and cranberries
  • a whole roasted free range chicken served on organic cous cous with holiday stuffing
  • Christmas cookies out the wazoo (tadales, italian pepper cookies, thumbprints, etc.)
  • whole grain apple, oat, walnut muffins
  • whole grain apple, oat, walnut, cranberry bread
and in the non-food aisle:
  • handcrafted jewelry (for Christmas presents)
  • handcrafted soaps (for Chrismas presents)

Ah well… all the more reason to bake again over the holiday break! And while the holidays might be over for some – for others they are only just begingging!!! YAHOO! Get ready to gear up for January 6th (the second Christmas) a.k.a. Epiphany in Italy given by our very own La Befana the Christmas Witch! Weeeeee!!

Xoxox ❤>Udo

6 responses to “So Many Posts!

  1. the jewelry is absolutely beautiful..i wear the necklace braclet and incredible drop earrings every day! they are just classy and go with everything..thank you for the amazing feat of beading those tiny beads together to create such unique beauty!the handmade soaps were just delightful. another triumph my dear another dear! i used the oatmeal gingerbread man this morning and it lathered lovely..not to mention the dreamy fragrance!!

  2. Black Belt you are so fun! Thank you and I am so glad you enjoyed the jewelry and the soaps!!!! They were a lot of fun to make and they were made with great care. XOxo x<3 Udo

  3. Did you try the rosemary mint soap yet? It smells DIVINE!!!

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