Gluten Free Pizza and Avocado Ice Cream!

Stopped at the health food store on the way home from work tonight and picked up some wonderful gluten free pizza dough. From what I understand gluten free also digests like a vegetable just like sprouted… is this correct? I must research this further… The man at the store said that gluten free products digest like vegetables. He asked me if I was moving away from a flour based diet… and I said… I wasn’t sure what I was doing yet but I was definately incorporating more sprouted products into my diet. We talked about flour and how it is very binding and clogs up your digestive system… just like GLUE! Flour and water together are the same things we used to make paste in kindergarden, remember?

At any rate I am thrilled and excited to make this gluten free pizza on Friday! I also picked up some organic succutant, some more sprouted spelt and sprouted spring wheat flours,an additional bag of sprouted poppy seed bagels, and these mind blowing vegan spice bars… I have to find out how they were made- OUTRAGEOUSLY DELICIOUS!

For dinner tonight we had a delicious bowl of chicken pot-au-feu. It was light, airy, and very filling! Recipe is found on page 89 of the food network magazine in the Jan/Feb 2010 issue.

Dessert was a bowl of banana avocado icecream topped with agave nectar chocolate sauce!!!

Banana Avocado Ice Cream
3 frozen bananas
1/2 avocado
1 dash of organic vanilla extract
3 soaked dates

Process in food processor until smooth and creamy. Serve in a small beautiful china bowl and top with agave nectar chocolate syrup… (make this by swirling two tablespoons agave nectar in a small bowl with a nice big dash of dark organic cocoa, thin with a teeny bit of water, swirl with spoon and drizzle over ice cream). AHHHHHH!!! SOOO GOOD!! and so good for you! 😉

Weee! Xoxox <3>Udo


8 responses to “Gluten Free Pizza and Avocado Ice Cream!

  1. Wow! I have never tho't of flour that way. I'm not really a pasta or bread eater, but I love that analogy. I know that about cheese & so I don't have cheese in my diet. Not strictly off of it. Just hardly ever have it any more.Hmmm…banana & avocado ice cream…in a weird way, it sounds like it might be good.Thank you inspiring some tho'ts in this area….cyndee

  2. Hi Cyndee! Oh yeah… tell me about it! I was laughing with the cleark at the store (he probably owns the store for all I know) and we were reminiscing about the paste we made in school… flour and water! Imagaine it's the same in our tummies, eh? Here's to better health! XOxo ❤ Udo

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  4. Mary Thank you so much! I just saw your comment today. And I will go check it out asap. Thanks again! Xox ❤ Udo

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