Telescopes & Microscopes and.. TGIF!

Wooo! Here we are… one step closer to the weekend… FRI DAY! FRIIII DAY!!! FRIII DAYYYYY!!! Yeayyyy!!! Tonight I will attempt to make a gluten free pizza. The dough is made and ready to go. It is chilling in the fridge until I get home from work tonight. I think I will either try to make that pear and walnut topping I mentioned here, or maybe I will chicken out and stick with marinara sauce, low-moisture mozzerella, and fresh basil leaves… decisions, decisions….

In other news, I bought a food dehydrator yesterday. Very excited to use this. Funny, for the past several months I’ve been eyeing up all sorts of wacky raw recipes that require a food dehydrator… and now that I have one… I can’t seem to locate one off the bat! What the? I’ll have to keep a peep out for some wonderful dehydrator snacks and post them in UdoUncooked.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch… the transition back to raw is beginning to pay off in other areas. I’ve lost 2lbs this week and (if you count back since Christmas) I’ve lost 6lbs total! The 6lbs have been coming and going over the past 4 weeks so I’m not officially counting it as a total loss… I’m not even really trying to lose weight really, just changing up some of my eating habits to include more fresh fruits, fresh juices and fresh green smoothies, more raw… mid-raw, eh? Certainly not high-raw… (yet) but I hope to venture back that way again in the coming months. And trying to leave out white sugar and flour… hence, the gluten free goodies and sprouted snacks.

Of course this in no way indicates that I won’t be gleefully stuffing my pie hole with the REDICULOUS and AMAZING Dharma Initiative cake I am making (read: having someone else make!) for my husband’s LOST Season 6 Premeire party in 2 weeks…. Weeee!

Onward! To a wonderful weekend!!! I feel like we are on the verge of something beautiful… something magical is in there air… I hope that you will embrace that feeling too this weekend… and keep a sense of anticipation about you!

Today’s quote:

Love looks through a telescope, while envy looks through a microscope.
Ponder it.
Practice it, even if just for today. 
Please share it.


XXOoxoXO ❤>Udo

8 responses to “Telescopes & Microscopes and.. TGIF!

  1. great idea with pizza! the chef made pasta fajol. it was ecxellent. tomorrow i will make the famous grandpa g lentil and egg bake for mid afternoon eats.mmm very good. spent 1 1/2 hrs at class last night in hawley..great workout..boy do i need to recondition..spent 1 1/2 hrs this am at brutal carido workout..took pup for a great walk!! now i can eat dinner without guilt tonight! yum…blackbeltbettythe ninja

  2. i think i may write a book.youd make a great author..have you considered a fab childrens adventure book? bbbtn

  3. hi…im goint to write a book too..the adventures of dad-o…!steven king stole my "kujo aka b. bear"…back to the drawing board!! ahaaa

  4. BBBTN! You are so funny and fun! AHah oy- yes- write the book! Go girl! Go for it! XOxo ❤ Udo

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