Gluten Free is for Me!

Good Morning and Good Afternoon! The gluten free pizza came out delicious!!! My husband and I ate a whole pie ourselves before my mom in law and my aunt in law came over. They really liked it too, but they also really liked the pizza that was delivered! lol… I really and truly enjoyed this gluten free crust and the low fat way the pizza was made.

I used a standard pizza marinara sauce and topped the crust with fat free mozzerella cheese and pink sea salt, with fresh basil leaves. It was INCREDIBLE!!!! Oh my goodness, the crust was so hearty and healthy, you felt good just eating it! I love the yeasty aroma from fresh baked crust too. I will be making this pizza for my cutie pie and myself on Fridays going forward. I still don’t know what it means to be gluten free, so if you know of a great website or other educational link to send me- please do!

Meanwhile in the backyard this morning I spotted not one but TWO adorable cats! So funnnn! I love cats. If I wasn’t married I would in fact be the crazyazz cat lady. I’d have them crawling all over my tiny house. Just love them!!!! Well I have spotted two feline friends in the backyard of our country home and I am thrilled to have these out door pets. (Aren’t I silly? I can’t help it. I adore animals but having pets in the house is a no-no due to messes and allergies etc.) I love pups too! And I think our neighbors just got themselves a little canine.

As soon as we replace our dear digital camera I promise to post pics of all things neighborhoody. Speaking of people in your neighborhood… still haven’t met any of our new neighbors yet. :\ I’m hoping they will bring us some baked goods once the spring hits… lol.

At work yesterday I was so happy to have some students stop by and chat about nothing in particular. It feels really good when they just pop in to talk about their day!

Well, I’m off for a jog in my cold gear (brrr), on second thought…. hmrph… Why am I so turned off by walking/jogging alone? Gah. So boring! To be fair, a few times over winter break I was all charged up and jogged around the neighborhood (a 3 mile loop) by myself. My dh (darling husband) was home too but no jogging for him when he had a chest cold. I like when we jog together. It’s more fun. It’s a bit stark out there right now and I know we have a long run planned for tomorrow afternoon… so perhaps I will do The Wave for a good 80 minutes instead. Love the Wave! Yep. That’s what I’m going to do. Jog can wait for tomorrow…off to the market for some quinoa and oats…

Later tonight I will be making a delicious dinner for two… I’m going to make the pork tenderloin with eggplant relish found on page 75 of the Food Nework Magazine (Jan/Feb) issue. It looks like a terrific low cal dinner with only 297 cals per serving. Perfect!

Enjoy your day and remember to smile to yourself (you’ll look prettier and people will wonder what you’re up to!)

XOxoxo ❤>Udo

10 responses to “Gluten Free is for Me!

  1. ahh…you are inspiring me to go gluten free…I don't know anything about it either. I'm not much of a bread or pasta eater, so maybe it doesn't apply. Just dedicated to feed my body in a healthy & vibrant way this year 🙂

  2. As a person with celiac disease, I've been gluten-free for about six months.I recommend Jules Gluten-free, a site w/lots of recipes. I'll try and e-mail you some links after I dig through my GF file.OK, I don't eat very well in the first place. But let me caution you: I've gained 30 pounds after going gluten-free. The GF foods are denser and often have more calories and carbs. But, I say do it! The more people who request gluten-free options, the better!!!

  3. Wow! Cool!! Thanks April!!! Very much appreciate the info! 🙂

  4. Cyndee! It's definately worth looking into… and lucky you for being ahead of the game- ixnay on the breads and pasta? I WISH I COULD SAY THAT! LOL. XOxo ❤ Udo

  5. Also, April – thank you for the warning on the 30lb weight gain!! XOxo ❤ Udo

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