My Dharma Swan Station Fondant Cake for our LOST Season 6 Party!! Weee!

Yahoo! Look what I did! Weeeee! All by myself! FROM SCRATCH too! I am such a LOST nerd! Ok- so my original plan was to go to Sam’s Club or Costco or whatever and ask them to please take this LOST Swan Station logo and airbrush it on to a cake for me…like how they do it with photographs. I just wanted to have a cool cake to bring to our Season 6 LOST Premeire party… so I had the ingenious idea to have a LOST cake made…

Well, I went to Sam’s club today and the girl there told me that they weren’t allowed to reprint a logo or photo from a television show onto a cake without the express written permission of the copywrite owner. What?! It’s a cake people… but point taken – guess a major retailer like Sam’s Club can’t take any chances… though the evidence would soon be destroyed via someone’s piehole. Whateveah. Frustrated… I decided to head up to Michael’s. I mean what the heck… how hard could this be? It’s a CAKE! And I LOVE CAKE!

Well… guess who taught themself how to make fondant tonight?! I’ll give you a hint… it wasn’t Benjamin Linus! I picked up a spring form 9″ cake pan, some icing, icing coloring (black) and headed home. I didn’t even pick up a BOX cake! Nope. This baby was made FOR REAL from scratch.

I found Paula Deen’s easy 1234 cake recipe and made that. (I used 1 cup of yogurt instead of one of the sticks of butter to make it a little healthier). I didn’t have self-rising flour so I found this recipe online to substitute. The batter was enough for me to make 2 nine inch cakes so I layered them with buttercream icing in between and all over. Wow! A fun double layer cake. I guess I could have used the recipe for my famous coconut cake but I wanted to try something else out… something totally basic. After I made fondant using this recipe, I rolled out the white fondant and dyed the other batch black. Then it was just a matter of using a steak knife to cut out the black parts and the swan and pasting them onto the cake with a pastry brush and some filtered water. Neato!!!!

I had some help cutting out the shape of the swan from the other LOST geek (and a gorgeous one at that) that I live with. I’m not exactly Ms. Artistic when it comes to drawing – and Lord knows I do not have a steady hand nor the patience to be consistent… so lucky me for being able to break my brilliant husband’s concentration (he had been writing for 14 hours straight) by giving him a little swan crafting break.

Now- the LOST party is obviously not until Feb. 2nd… and that’s like a week away! I’m going to make another cake this weekend … probably Sunday night to have it ready for Tuesday night… so what to do with this one? I can’t wait to taste it!!!!

I think I will treat my LOST obsessed co-workers to this on Friday…or Thursday (the old time LOST watching night circa Seasons 1,2,3)  whattya think? Think they’d like to try it out?

I still have to put the DHARMA letters on there… but for the most part this masterpiece is d_o_n_e.
DONE! Dang, It looks pretty good! hehehehee!
So excited!!
So fun!

XOxoxo ❤ Udo


30 responses to “My Dharma Swan Station Fondant Cake for our LOST Season 6 Party!! Weee!

  1. THAT is FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've seen some LOST cakes on line at FLICKR but this one FOR SURE 'takes the cake'!! THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!!!! GREAT JOB!!!

  2. That's an awesome cake, well done! Save some for us!

  3. Hi No, Very kind of you and I appreciate your comment. Thank you! XOxo ❤ Udo

  4. Hi Chris, Thank you so much for stopping by! We'll save y'all a piece and thank you for the great compliment! XOxo ❤ Udo

  5. This really was a masterpiece! As one of the very lucky coworkers who is also a LOST nut, thank you Dina for the advance Season 6 celebration! What a great cake!

  6. Ahaha! Thanks Anne! Glad you enjoyed it! Can't wait for next week!!!! Xxoxo ❤ Udo

  7. Danke Shoen Jonna! Thank you for stopping by! XOox ❤ Udo

  8. This is quite amazing!

  9. Thanks Dirk! Wow! I just check out your blog and it is AWESOME. Cool fun stuff! Xox ❤ Udo

  10. Archie! Thank you so much for taking a peek! and for your kindness! Xoxo ❤ Udo

  11. Amazing! I am utterly impressed at your skills, girl!How'd it taste???

  12. AHhaha! LINDAA!! It tasts just like wedding cake! YUM!! You rock! Thanks for coming over! 🙂 XOxo ❤ Udo

  13. yes, freaking awesome is good! good work, adn thanks for teh post

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