Hemp Granola

Let me tell you what… adding hemp granola to the raw carrot cake I made the other day was a GENIUS idea! Wow… this stuff is insanely delicious and now I have a crunchy, sweet, and salty snack to boot! Try some today! Soooo dang good! This is the kind I use. Enjoy! Xoxo ❤ Udo


6 responses to “Hemp Granola

  1. i have to say that the sprouted pizza was insanely good!wow! we totally enjoyed that to bits. I might add I also loved that carrot cake texture and taste..phenomenal!!please provide recipe for same..couldnt have a more heavenly flavor with the hemp granola…wowwwwwwwwww!

  2. HI Betty! I'm so glad you liked it! =D I'm totally addicted to the sprouted pizza now! It's so cool because your body absorbs the nutrients more readily and more fully which means you aren't going to be hungry for more after a slice or two or after a few hours you still feel satisfied. Unlike regular pizza which is really stripped of life giving nutrients which makes you crave more food shortly after you eat it. Thanks for stopping by! Xoxo ❤ Udo

  3. Recipes are posted! Enjoy! Xoxo ❤ Udo

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