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It’s all about attitude!

It’s so easy to forget what really matters in life when we are lulled into boredom by the everyday things we have to do as adults. Practical concearns like keeping house and paying bills can consume you if you let them. Sometimes we forget to nourish our inner spirit and to stay focused because we distract ourselves with things that do not matter. Are you living your life with passion and purpose? What is your passion? What makes you crazy excited? What do you look forward to working on? Instead of comparing yourself to others, remind yourself that there is enough love, abundance, creativity, and great ideas for everyone in this universe! The creative mind is overflowing with peace, joy, and happiness- all you need to do is claim yours.

Remember- being happy is not a gift, it is not a thing that happens to you when you’ve finally made it, it is not some freak luck thing that happens to some people and not to others… Here’s a secret….


Make the decision to be happy! =D Make the decision to feel good today. Decide to feel love, to share love, to live today as if it were your last! Don’t worry about what will happen this week or next week or if you will figure out your future… just take it one day at a time. The first step towards living the life you want is to live as if you already have it. Cultivate a positive attitude. If you just don’t know what to do and you find yourself doing nothing… do this. Turn your thoughts to positive self talk. Instead of sitting on the sofa- go for a walk and on your walk, think positively to yourself. Instead of surfing the internet for hours on end sit quietly in meditation- and focus your thoughts on positive and loving ideas. When worries or anxiety get a grip on you, take a deep breath and use positive self talk. This is the very first step towards creating the reality you deserve.

Here are some videos to help get you started.


Every journey towards something…
is a journey away from something else.

Xoxox ❤>Udo

Thought for the day…

I’m too blessed to be stressed!
I have an attitude of gratitude!

Learn it.
Live it.
Pass it on!
Feel good today!