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Creamy Sausage Orecchiette

This entree is one of my best served dishes and I thought you’d like to see how I make it! I’ve got some KARATE garlic cooking up with my side dish of Rapini… don’t forget! Tomorrow April 19th is Garlic Day!!! Enjoy! Xox ❤ The Garlic Goddess


Cream Cheese Rambo

If you have a computer and you go to any recipe, food, or video site, then y’all already know about Ms. Paula Deen’s Philadelphia Cream Cheese recipe competition. I’ve gotta tell you- this competition has been one huge barrell of FUN! I’ve submitted two video entries for the side dish and appetizer challenges. Now I gotta say I actually thought I might have a shot at this thing- but friends, let me tell you…. After seeing the creative, excellent, and INSANE awesomeness of the videos that are being submitted- I’m not so sure that I’m even a contender anymore! You’ve just got to check out this video of Jenny Drumgoole- she’s a Yale MFA graduate and a SUPERB performance artist! Now of course her video might be breaking the submission guidelines (though I don’t see how!) but still- what a romp this submission was! It made my day! What a hoot! I’m telling you… this video could change lives! LOL. Just love it!!!! Brilliant!! Hilarious!! Watch it the whole way through! For more of Jenny you can visit her website and witness her mega-watt talent!!

Xoxo ❤ Udo

Earth Day is almost here!!

Hi Friends!
It’s almost Earth Day and in case you didn’t know, Earth Day is also my Birthday! Yeay!!! I can’t wait for April 22nd! What better way to celebrate the earth than with an awesome EARTH BOX!

In case you don’t know what an EarthBox is… read about it here on a previous post I did on them… THEN
go to facebook… make EarthBox your friend and please tell your friends, your family, neighbors – even the mailman to become a fan of EarthBox on Facebook!

If they reach their goal of 6,000 fans (or more, of course), on April 22nd (Earth Day), they will be offering a 1-day 20% discount on all EarthBox products to their Facebook fans!!

They are already up to 5,253 fans!! Come on! We can do this!!!
Xxoox ❤ Udo

Udo’s MediterAsian Sushi Roll

This exciting, flavorful, and exotic appetizer combines the robust, salty, and delicious flavors of the Mediterranean with the crisp, delicate, and sublime textures of Asian cuisine resulting in a fusion of flavors. This recipe is one that I created based on the marriage of my Italian-American background with that of my husband’s Asian heritage. You really get the best of both worlds with this dish and you’ll ‘wow’ your guests (and yourself!) with your new skills as a home sushi chef! Enjoy! Xox  ❤ Udo

Philadelphia Freedom!

In case y’all haven’t heard… Ms. Paula Deen celebrity chef of the Food Network is holding a recipe contest using Philadelphia cream cheese as an ingredient to your special dish. Guess who’s in the running to snag that $25K prize and shot at Food Network fame? Well- I hope it’s yours truly! LOL… check out all the fun here and you can even catch a glimpse of me making my famous Pieroghi (Pierogi) Casserole below. Enjoy! Xoxo ❤ Udo

Let’s get cookin’ girls!