Udo’s MediterAsian Sushi Roll

This exciting, flavorful, and exotic appetizer combines the robust, salty, and delicious flavors of the Mediterranean with the crisp, delicate, and sublime textures of Asian cuisine resulting in a fusion of flavors. This recipe is one that I created based on the marriage of my Italian-American background with that of my husband’s Asian heritage. You really get the best of both worlds with this dish and you’ll ‘wow’ your guests (and yourself!) with your new skills as a home sushi chef! Enjoy! Xox  ❤ Udo


6 responses to “Udo’s MediterAsian Sushi Roll

  1. awesome. a second giadia. go for it.

  2. great video. a second giadia if you will. hope you win the contest. that would be awesome.

  3. Thank You- yes- it would be very fortunate to win the competition.. I might still have a chance with the sushi… but they've already picked their winners for the other one. We'll see! Xoxo ❤ Dina Udo

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