Earth Day is almost here!!

Hi Friends!
It’s almost Earth Day and in case you didn’t know, Earth Day is also my Birthday! Yeay!!! I can’t wait for April 22nd! What better way to celebrate the earth than with an awesome EARTH BOX!

In case you don’t know what an EarthBox is… read about it here on a previous post I did on them… THEN
go to facebook… make EarthBox your friend and please tell your friends, your family, neighbors – even the mailman to become a fan of EarthBox on Facebook!

If they reach their goal of 6,000 fans (or more, of course), on April 22nd (Earth Day), they will be offering a 1-day 20% discount on all EarthBox products to their Facebook fans!!

They are already up to 5,253 fans!! Come on! We can do this!!!
Xxoox ❤ Udo

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