Welcome to  The Garlic Goddess. She’s the spirit of savory, the harbinger of whole food, the siren of sustainable. She is the protagonist of palates, the seductress of the salivary, the guru of garlicky gustatory! Greetings one and all!  The Garlic Goddess has a gift for you… are you ready to experience it? Let’s Eat! Drink! Stink! XOx ❤ The Garlic Goddess™

The Garlic Goddessgrows sustainable, local, fresh garlic within the loam and fertile soils of the Northeastern Pennsylvania mountainside where waters run clear and the air is clean and bright. We plant and harvest each bulb with tender loving care.

Visit The Garlic Goddessat your nearby farmer’s market where garlic braids, homemade garlic bread, and other garlicky delicacies await you. See you back in the summer 2011! Until then, please visit our site to experience some wonderfully distracting info to read,  watch, and enjoy as we gear up for fall planting. Stink on!

The Garlic Goddess ™  &  www.thegarlicgoddess.com Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Don’t be shy! We’d love to hear from you! Email: thegarlicgoddess@gmail.com

Warm regards,
Xox ❤ Udo


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