Pocono Garlic Fest: More Fest Than Garlic?


Pocono Garlic Festival

Get ready to get your stink on! This weekend enjoy some garlic, grub, and great entertainment at the Pocono Mountains Garlic Festival! Who said the Poconos are for lovers? That’s right! GARLIC LOVERS!! Xox ❤ Udo

Spanokopita & Stuffed Tomatoes

It’s Sunday and it’s rainy! This has got to be the best day ever! I just love the rain and the past few days have been dripping with dreary goodness! Sunday dinner calls for a little extra effort and so I’ve made a spinach pie and some stuffed tomatoes. Our neighbors have generously unloaded bushels full of red, plump, tomatoes and I’ve been finding numerous ways to create fanciful treats with them!

Nigella Soup For You!

Nigella Soup For You!

Noodly fun from the floating market in Thailand

Mmmm MMM Good! Nothing like a sexy sauce pot to simmer up some soul warming soup! Yeay!!! Today is rainy and dreary and we are in dire need of some super fast super wonderful noodle soup! Nigella’s noodle soup is very calming and improvisational! Not to mention sensational! Yummy not to mention I’ll be making this for din din tonight. Come and get some! Enjoy! (and add some garlic!) Nice. She uses Udon Noodles! Go for it baby! Xoxo ❤ Udo

Eat! Drink! Stink!

Woot! Easton Garlic Festival Info!

Just confirmed! Mark your calendar’s for October 2, 2010. The Easton Garlic Festival will run from 9am-5pm. The website for the event is in the process of being updated… so in the meantime- check out their site from last year to get the scoop on the ‘goings on’… fun! EAT! DRINK! STINK!